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Twelve stages released (6/10/11)

Posted by fhqwhgads7 on July 9, 2011 at 10:09 PM

I was making a new character when along the road I got distracted by stage making. So I went ahead and made twelve stages for my new IWBTG Full Game. You can get them on my new "Stages" page.

EDIT (6/13/11): Wondering why "Chased by Spike and Fruit" and "The 10000 Km Journey Beneath the Stars" weren't working probably? That's because you're using Crash-MUGEN and it doesn't like the zoffset shenanigans I had in the .def files. So, I re-uploaded those stages (after testing them in Crash-MUGEN), and now they should work just fine.

EDIT (6/16/11): Just fixed a new Delta issue in "The 10000 Km Journey Beneath the Stars". Dang it, I wish people would tell me these things so I notice them faster.


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